Better the Devil, this Saturday!

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Better the Devil, this Saturday!

Postby Zombie GMs » Tue Nov 03, 2009 8:17 pm


Been a hell of a ride, but we're here. Zombie 6 : Better the Devil is running this Saturday (7th November 2009), and you'll have no doubt just picked up the shiny email done by our glamorous art director Tim. If you haven't, go check your inboxes!

So - here's a run-down of what to do, when to do it, and what to bring.

Short version:


Sign in - 7pm to 9pm
Safety and Rules Brief - 9pm (don't be late, or we'll give your slot away)
First time-in - 10.30pm
Game ends: Around 3am


2pm-5pm (roughly) - Post-Zombie Regroup in the Fat Cat

Long version:

- Before the game, have a good look through the rules (especially the safety rules) on the website. If you want to play a particular class, have a look at the rules for that and see if you can't fashion a costume for it. Don't worry if you can't get anything fancy - you're probably gonna get fake blood on it.

- Pack a bag with your preferred snacks and drinks (don't go crazy with the booze, please, and no nuts at all due to allergies) - we recommend menthol cigarettes, red bull and bananas - some stuff to do (like card games, books, etc) and weapons. You should bring NERF weapons and modern LARP weapons, but remember that you might not get to use them thanks to game balance.

- You should eat before the event; whether this means a sandwich on the night or an early tea at home, get some food in you. We're getting some Domino's pizza at half price, but the call for delivery will be made at 8pm so if you're interested get there beforehand, and give us the money for your food.

- We'll be doing Sign-Ins from 7pm to around 9pm. We'll be in the Congregation Hall at UEA, which is near the LCR and can be located by getting to the University and asking someone nicely. We should have a representative in the lobby, so come along and say hello; have a look around if no-one's apparent. We'll check your name against our list of sign-ups, cross you off, and then let you run around.

- If you haven't registered to play (i.e. your name isn't one of the lucky sixty) then you can turn up, but odds are you won't get to play. You should be able to Zombie for us, and you can of course hang out with players on downtime. If enough people don't turn up, of course, you'll be able to play as normal. If you attend the event in any way, you'll need to sign the safety brief so we don't get overly sued.

- Make sure you're at the rules and safety briefs at 9pm. We've changed a few rules (we think it's an improvement) and of course you need to know the safety rules so you don't hurt each other. If you're late for these, we will give your slot away to anyone who doesn't have a slot. If you can't make it, let us know in advance and have a bloody good reason. We'll also put you in your teams for the night at these briefs, and you'll come up with a suitably ridiculous and hard-to-remember team name.

- Our first run is traditionally a huge opening spectacle, and this year it's no different. Our first time in should be (we hope) at 10.30, but that may be a little optimistic.

- Play continues throughout the night - everyone takes turns - people die - zombies make silly noises and fall over - fireaxes - revolvers - screaming - all good fun. We aim to finish up at around 3am, and any help you can offer us in getting the hall back to a reasonable state would be appreciated.

- On the day after we'll be in the Fat Cat pub to hang out, dissect and chat about the game. Everyone's welcome to come along (and it'd be a laugh if all seventy-odd of you came, the Fat Cat's not that big a pub) and listen to us talk about how awesome we are and have a general squee.
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Re: Better the Devil, this Saturday!

Postby rachelesque » Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:37 pm

who's compos mentis for the pub? it is the other side of the city, just wondering who to expect if i drag my ass over there when owen gets up.
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Re: Better the Devil, this Saturday!

Postby little_wh0re » Sun Nov 08, 2009 2:06 pm

ref team will be, can't speak for anyone else
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