Station Zero, come in...

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Station Zero, come in...

Postby Zombie GMs » Sun Sep 04, 2011 1:46 am

... this is Station Zero, we read you.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you enormously for all your hard work, fantastic characters, costumes, ideas, escapes, hijinks, escapades and assorted awesomeness. We could not - and would not - do this without you, and we want to say thank you again to the amazing crew, the fantastic venue, and all of you wonderful players. You guys rule.

So, how did you die?
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Re: Station Zero, come in...

Postby Leofric1313 » Sun Sep 04, 2011 1:10 pm

WOW! I'm the first one on here it seems! For me, there where a couple of memorable deaths I experienced, but the best(!) one for me, is the following . . .

We started in the lower basement area, in a dark and dismal room, with myself, Emma, Tarnia, Mike and Boris! (our two other team-mates had decided to partake of the fun that was the 'Hand of God')
Whilst waiting for the game to start, we talked about having a plan and (somehow) decided to hunt down the Red Leech (foolishly as it turned out), mainly because none of us had seen 'it' yet! (I'm sure we had a better reason, but that may have been to kill it to find out if it ever held any valuable items!)

After a couple of rooms and corridors we finally came into a dark, shadowy area to discover the Leech wandering around, mumbling about something along the lines of being thirsty, along with a couple of zombie friends!
We managed to dispatch the zombie friends quite easily, but it turned out to be a completely different matter when it came to the Leech.
Those of us who had firearms, shot it, those of us who had melee weapons, hit it! But it never went down!!!

Somehow the creature managed to get the upper hand and a strategic withdrawal was called (along the lines of 'let's get the f out of here!') . . .

. . . unfortunately, the Red Leech had managed to get a hand on myself, and as the foul creature beat me to a pulp and drained me of my lifeblood, I watched the backs of my fellow compatriots (those I had thought were my friends, and would help me to escape this eldritch place!) disappear out of the room, and all I could hear as my life slipped away was a long, drawn out scream that faded into nothing! It turned out to be me screaming! :o

The next time I saw my so-called team members ;) , all I saw was FOOD!!!

Thanks Grant, Mary, The Mall guys, and all the Crew Folk, and lets not forget all of my fellow player, whom without it wouldn't have been half as much fun!
I had a cracking good time and thoroughly enjoyed scaring the living poop out of people with my technique of laying in wait for victims and then jumping out on them, whilst screaming, with my mask on! One guy complimented me on scaring him SO much! Awesome!
Again thanks for everything, and here's to the nest one! :o
I've tried to add my photos to the Gallery (I'm not sure if they've uploaded or not!).
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Re: Station Zero, come in...

Postby Cactus » Sun Sep 04, 2011 2:10 pm

My death on the first run was in the last stand in the machine room. There were about a dozen of us there (some people turned into zombies so it's hard to tell) with no ammunition and a few melee weapons. One of the melee guys stumbled back from the line where they were holding the zombies. I could see he was dying so I swapped my last glo-stick for his baseball bat and threw myself into the fray. I knocked one zombie back, two, then I was face to face with a hulking White Knight. I went berserk, beating him to the ground with a flurry of blows that would make Al Capone proud. I didn't stop until the zombies pulled me down. The last thing I saw was a handful of survivors leaving by chopper as I ate the preacher.

PS. Thank you zombie-Tarnia for crawling under the machines like a steampunk nightmare to bring us another melee weapon.
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Re: Station Zero, come in...

Postby Tank » Sun Sep 04, 2011 2:38 pm

Team 1D - Third Run: Continued!

I think the plot to kill the Red Leech was originally mine, so when we escaped his lair without our medic, I was horrified. Me, armed with a Raider, unable to protect my teammate! Wounded and significantly less well-armed, we hastily put distance between us and the Leech. Further down the basement corridor we encountered a larger team of survivors. Upon interrogation, we told them where we'd come from.

"We could kill it, you guys," said my teammate, Emma, "with this much firepower we should go finish it off!"

My team, so brave! So doomed!

We turned around and headed back, and who should we encounter first but our fallen teammate, bloodied, gored and with a newly developed taste for human flesh! We put him out of his misery and sought out the Leech once more, but with all our firepower, he would not die! The room's thick blackness was penetrated only by the thin beams of light from the survivor's torches, now reeling around in disarray as zombies and the Leech closed in from all around. Through the gloom I could just make out a bloodied White Knight entering the fray. All around me were screams. There was someone next to me. I did not know who they were. I grabbed them. "We've got to get out of here, follow me!" We switched off our torches and inched along the walls of the Leech's lair until we could see the exit. Someone was standing there. Someone with a gun. "Run! Run!" The three of us ran out of the lair, out of the corridor and out of the basement. The screams of our teammates echoed behind us.

"All my team are dead," said the girl with the gun. "Mine too," said the guy I'd pulled from the lair. We were all just survivors now.

We stood at the top of a staircase that led out into a shop. Through the glass window we could see... the safe room! We're saved! We began running, but then there were two White Knights in front of us. The three of us split. I made it into the safe room. Soon after, a larger group of people joined me inside. I'm not sure what happened to the two I'd escaped the Leech's lair with, I lost them after that. But in the crowd was Emma! And Boris! Two of my team were alive still! There were about 20 of us in the saferoom, and we formulated a plan to go around as a group and find the rest of the plugs. We left together and fought our way to the main stairs. Little did we know that it was a trap! Through the third floor doorway emerged a screaming White Knight, accompanied by two zombie minions. From below us, where we'd just escaped from, a crowd of zombies began ascending the stairwell, and from the stairs above, a group of zombies approached. We were stuck. Together we worked to fight the hoard, melee users hitting them back and pinning them to the floor, whilst the gun users were instructed in screams to, "Shoot the White Knight! Shoot the White Knight!" I tried, but my final two bullets hit two different zombies in the fray. They went down, but it wasn't enough. The zombies closed in, one of them grabbed me and I fought him off, but around me my fellow survivors were dying.

"Tarnia!" Emma shouted over the screams, "Take this... run!" Into my hands she thrust the White Knight's sword... and one of the plugs!

A zombie grabbed her, then. I ran. I dodged a zombie, leaped over the White Knight's corpse and into a warehouse on the third floor. I wounded a zombie that jumped out at me, and ran as fast as I could through the doors and down the curved staircase. At the bottom of the stairs was a man with a gun. "Are you alive?" I shouted at him. "Yes!" He replied. "Then come with me!" Together we ran and delivered to the safe room the sixth plug, out of eight needed. There were fewer people in here than before. All with barely any weapons. There was a medic, though, who healed those of us who were wounded.

We left the room again, up to the third floor for the seventh plug. The old children's play area crawled with zombies. We were outnumbered, but entered still, and scattered. I knew that here, we were finished. Desperate to survive, I hid behind a beam and struck out at a zombie as it shuffled past, screaming as I swiped at her with the White Knight's blade.

For a member of the undead hoard, she seemed surprised. But not as surprised as I was when I realised she had a friend. The last thing I remember was being pushed against the playpen wall, and then the sound of gnashing teeth, and tearing flesh...


Sorry this is a bit long, but I am still very much in froth-mode :] Thank you to everyone in my lovely team, I had an amazing time!

PS. It's also worth noting that somewhere in this run, I can't remember where, we went back into the basement and found the Red Leech sprawled on the floor, dying. I think 'Hand of God' had finished him off at last, and it was good to see him dead as closure to our earlier plight!

Cactus wrote:PS. Thank you zombie-Tarnia for crawling under the machines like a steampunk nightmare to bring us another melee weapon.

You're very welcome! Turns out it was pretty gross under those machines, hahaha!

That reminds me, I had my pipe in Run Four as well, when it was my turn to zombie. I was sent down to the basement after a little while and came across a team in one of the corridors fighting two other zombies. One of the melee users hit me back and I hid behind a door for a little while until they'd killed the other two zombies. Then I heard one of the team say "Where's that blue-haired zombie gone? She's got a weapon I want!" Then they kind of hatched this mini scheme to lure me down the corridor and around the door before killing me, it was pretty well executed and was a really nice bit of player teamwork. I relinquished my handy melee copper pipe accordingly :]
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Re: Station Zero, come in...

Postby poppa_f » Sun Sep 04, 2011 3:12 pm

Team Zombiefish reporting in.

First run we were zombies. We died a lot, particularly during encounters with the guy who had the massive hammer. Mr Hammer was eventually overwhelmed and zombified though :twisted:

Second run - start with no weapon. "No problem", I think, "there'll be weapons scattered around everywhere, and my trusty teammates will protect me with their guns and melee enabled flash-light". Within about two minutes my team-mates are all dead and trying to eat my brains. 15 terrifying minutes later I've managed to tag along with a guy with a big axe, still no weapon, but the axeman is doing a great job of keeping the zombies at bay. We meet the remains of another team. A friendly young chap tells us the helicopter is coming, we're saved! WIth renewed vigour we fight our way through the zombie hordes to the roof. No sign of a chopper. Minutes pass, a LOT of zombies arrive. Still no chopper. We die a grizzly death backed in to a corner of the roof, cursing the bringer of false hope.

Third Run - Start with a big gun this time, this is more like it! Rumours of an evil red beaked thing in the basement that we need to kill and loot. We head to the basement en masse, the evil red beaked thing is there, with a lot of friends, including a white knight; a frantic battle ensues, we put the red thing down, one of our guys is eaten by the red thing, but we have the magic plug so it's a fair trade. We make it back to the safe-room, barely. Half of the team is dead and we're desperately short of ammo. We need a miracle to survive the next foray, but it arrives in the form of the Hand of God team. One of them hands me a full 18 round clip. Cunningly we avoid the zombie-infested front exit and sneak out round the back. AMBUSH! A white knight leaps from the darkness "EAT THIS" I scream, pumping a fresh round in to the chamber, I squeeze the trigger...the gun jams...I die cursing the unreliability of circular tommy-gun magazines.

Fourth Run - This time I start with a trusty maverick pistol. We quickly formulate a plan to storm the Kiddy play area, against all odds the plan works to perfection, all enemies neutralised and the magic plug looted and quickly taken to the safe-room. Next stop the basement, red-beak guy quickly overcome and another plug bagged. We solve the padlock puzzles, we're up to seven plugs! Down to a rag-tag band of about five, we spend ten frantic minutes running about looking for the last plug. We get split up, I'm now on my own but, have managed to scavenge a fully loaded Maverick. Suddenly the tannoy booms out, "helicopter en route, you have ten minutes to make it to the safe-room". I turn a corner, dozens of the undead loom out of the blackness, I spin around, but the way I come from is blocked by a lone zombie. I cock my gun and squeeze the trigger, nothing happens. Try again, still nothing happens. The encroaching horde drags me down screaming. I die cursing the unreliability of Mavericks looted from dead strangers.
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Re: Station Zero, come in...

Postby GeekyEm » Sun Sep 04, 2011 4:54 pm

[quote="Tank"]Team 1D - Third Run: Continued!

"We could kill it, you guys," said my teammate, Emma, "with this much firepower we should go finish it off!"

What can I say, when you're wrong, you're wrong!!!
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Re: Station Zero, come in...

Postby Tank » Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:14 pm

GeekyEm wrote:What can I say, when you're wrong, you're wrong!!!

Wrong? Perhaps. Badass? Definitely! :]

poppa_f wrote:We die a grizzly death backed in to a corner of the roof, cursing the bringer of false hope.

That guy led so many of us to our dooms! At first I was all "curse you, that guy!" but afterwards thought it was brilliant and hilarious, what a legend :]
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Re: Station Zero, come in...

Postby Macula » Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:44 pm

Team 2B, or not 2b

Death one.
Bringing up the rear, I got a lot of irritating "guess who" back grabs by zombies. Also had a few bad touches breaking off to go after WhiteKnights single handedly.... until with one last health, I swapped out my mav (also torch), for a melee weapon, and stayed behind to cover the staircase.
I got 2 human groups up the stairs, whilst holding a white knight pinned. alternating between keeping him skewered in place, and giving aproaching zombies a discouraging taste of foamlatex.
Finally, on the edge of losing conciousness, handed the knife over to a last human team. They asked if there was anything they could do for me.
I said run..

Death Four. Left Hand Of God
After deciding against looking for the preacher and bringing him down to meet the leach at gunpoint, we headed into the depths of the Mall, Theravadic chanting under masks and medics weilding glowstick crosses, we felt damned invincible. we joked about hanging a crucifix round the leech's neck. we felt invincibe. But in the dark, something drew the zombies to us like moths to a flame. tap, pin. tap, move. tap, pin. tap, move, but still they kept coming. a lack of light, and good night vision kept me safe, as I shuffled bullets, reholstered useless weps, and edged my way to the escalator.. I moved up slowly, healed, but cautious.. a few z-heads practically frolicked on the shop floor, poking glowsticks and other items of distractions. team had gone on ahead, I'd have to catch up.
Ahead, crouched by a pillar, I saw our leader. armour still on, still armed. very still. I retreated back.. crouched down next to him, and asked "how'd you get through that?"
He turned slowly, and reached out towards me, groaning like the last escaping air of a corpse. Sword across his chest, I forced him back across the floor and over (figuratively) the safety rail, but not before he'd swiped at my chest (-1). I turned and ran. and ran, and ran, pumping a rifle I had no idea if worked, and swinging a sword at anything that moved. I got slashed at on the ribs (-1), but momentum and a goal ahead of me kept me going... An arm that I thought was going to swing just under me as I leapt suddenly shot up.. (-1).. with my armour gone, and nothing but momentum carrying me on bones that may have shattered. not thinking about the weapons, just managing the pain, and knowing, KNOWING the saferoom was around the next corner... ran.
Straight into practically every zombie in the field..who grabbed me last, it didn't matter. my fervour and effort carried my terminal remains through the crowd, to slide 30 yards across marble flooring, leaving a red trail of vitae to lead even the blind dead to my remains. But I gave up my life in the cause of humanity.. I died for the greater good. I saw, in the doorway beyond, a huddled group of survivors..
did they come to my aid?
The last think I heard, before the fog of the unthinking, undying curse fell over me?
"Dude, check out that sweet rifle. I'm having that"

Thanks for a great day. more kill of the weeks, deaths and my time as a maniac to come.
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Re: Station Zero, come in...

Postby harrytc » Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:30 am

"Would you like fries with that... Yeah? YEAH?" bang... bang... bang... "AARRGGHH..." *dead*
"Sound, you did the location scout - is this the way out" bang... bang... bang..."AARRGGHH..." *dead*
"Look, we're going for one of them, we need its weapons... Damn, there's two... And some zombies..." ... "AARRGGHH..." *dead*

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Re: Station Zero, come in...

Postby Nitch » Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:50 am

Myself and 2 other members of 3A were about to get cornered up near the 'balcony that leads no where' (as it should have been called).

I had a plan, to get the few zombies who were following us to go into the corner and we could escape through the nearby shop. After explaining exactly what I would do, twice, to my fellow comrades so there was no confusion I snapped a green glow stick, shouted "oo look zombies, shiny, shiny, follow the stick" and then threw it. Sadly the the stick remained attached to my hand longer than it should have and pretty much was thrown back behind us which the zombies loved. Some panic and expletives later the stick was gathered up and thrown but the panic was more attractive to the zombies. 2 of us got out of that sticky moment, but Chris' comment (the other survivor) "I think going left was a bad idea" nicely glossed over my failings at being able to throw a stick. :)
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