Zombie LARP: White Noise

Zombaid workers at White Noise

Zombaid workers at White Noise

Drone zombies, Nightmares, strange noises, and Baxter‘s mechanical claw: White Noise was a Zombie LARP event at Friars Walk on 24 March 2012.

Event plot

A Bioflex scientist called Baxter was hiding somewhere in the mall. Baxter’s “drones” had malfunctioned and the drone-transmitter’s Vril batteries had been stolen by Nightmares. The players needed to find the batteries, power up the transmitter, and send the drones to be sent to open the exit doors. Naturally this all turned into chaos straight away, as survivors were caught between Baxter, the Nightmares, the White Knights, the Red Leech, the twitchy drones, and, like, a hundred zombies.


Party – the Nightmares had some of the batteries but wouldn’t give them back unless the survivors went around delivering party invitations for them. Unfortunately the party guests were zombies, White Knights, and the Red Leech (all of whom might try to eat the person delivering the invite) and Baxter (who just didn’t want to go). The Nightmares’ party did happen, but it was lousy. The wandering drones were found but no-one made it to the exit alive.

Safari – to get more batteries for the drone transmitter, the survivors were forced to take the Nightmares on a humiliating, pointless and dangerous guided tour of the mall, and satisfy all of the creatures’ deranged whims along the way.

Jigsaw – the batteries for the transmitter were scattered around the mall, and this time the Nightmares were withholding their own Vril batteries until the players helped them complete a mysterious jigsaw.

Inversion – Baxter had tracked down all of the Vril batteries already, but the Nightmares had stolen the transmitter. This was the last straw for Baxter, who was sick of other survivors hijacking the drones. Equipped with a Stampede and an industrial-strength mechanical mangler arm, and constantly self-rejuvenating by overdosing on Vril energy, Baxter went completely off the deep end and the other survivors had quite a fight on their hands to get the batteries back.

Other stuff

If you attended this event, you might have noticed someone dressed as a member of KISS, someone dressed as Lara Croft, and a guy with a video camera following them around while they fought zombies using guitars and drumsticks. These guys are the members of the band Lux Lisbon and they were filming a music video! So you might even be in it a bit.

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