Can you hear it? The choirs of angels? The rumbling underfoot, as the hot blood of the earth reaches for the surface? The rolling blasts of thunder that peal forth as lightning cracks the skies asunder? This can only mean one thing – Zombie LARP is coming!

Brace yourselves.

Make ready your wits. Make sharp your axe. Make… loaded your NERF gun. On Saturday 24th March – TOMORROW – YOU will need to fight your way out of the apocalyptic nightmare of Friar’s Walk Mall in Reading, and we’re making it harder.

Remember safe zones? GONE. Melee weapons? RARER THAN HEN’S TEETH. The red leech? IT’S BACK. Breathing room? A sense of peace and understanding? A clear path to the exit, with all your friends around you? PRETTY MUCH GONE. (Unless you all turn out to be MEGA BADASS ZOMBIE KILLERS of the sort we just can’t plan for, of course.)

Here is the Survivor’s Handbook for the day – a lovingly designed PDF that should tell you everything you need to know in order to die horribly, screaming, mauled by the friends you loved and trusted back before the outbreak. If there’s anything it hasn’t covered, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you out.

If we get any more excited, we might pop.