Drones are a type of zombie that has been stuffed with electronics and radio equipment for some inscrutable purpose.

Drones are not much more of a threat to humans than normal zombies – unless they’ve been “activated”  remotely, in which case they are probably capable of just about anything, depending on their programming.


Drones look like normal zombies, but they have flashing lamps on their heads and make strange electronic noises.  The first drones spotted, at White Noise, seemed to be re-animated OTF soldiers with some electronic equipment sticking out of ’em, but no-one knows where Baxter got five fresh OTF corpses from.


Drones act like normal zombies most of the time, but may occasionally behave very strangely, ‘glitching’ or making robotic movements. Usually, when a drone is damaged or attacked, it will “switch off” for a while rather than dying, and will later wake up again unexpectedly. Drones are programmed to follow instructions of various types, but programming zombies is a pretty new science so there’s no way to be sure whether drones will respond better to a) 512-bit-encrypted data packets transmitted by ultra-high-frequency radio, or b) shouting.

Playing as a drone

Drones had their debut at White Noise but will probably return at some future event. Being a drone is pretty easy and we might need quite a few of them, so you can always volunteer to play one. The downside is that it’s often not all that different from being a zombie, except you do have the perk of having a blinking light affixed to your head and other noisy equipment strapped to any spare space on your body. And you get to do The Robot whilst eating survivors, too.