Zombie VII: Payday

Event posters weren't really used for much, but the design ended up t-shirts.

Bored of forcing our players to be hapless office workers caught up in events beyond their control, we switched it up in Payday and sent them in as kickass, highly trained, suitably professional Occult Task Force operatives. The OTF general had a giant crucifix, a mean attitude, and a needlessly complicated nine-stage plan with which to fatally occupy legions of dispensable troops.

Highlights include a team sent to catch the mysterious Black Knight on camera sacrificing their camerawoman so they could get footage of it feeding, the most violent shareholder’s meeting ever (complete with seven executions and one death due to unrelated mauling!), and Star Player Aidan Brown playing the entire game with a broken thumb that he didn’t realise he had. He even went so far as to tape his other, entirely healthy hand to his side in order to play a one-armed survivor. Genius.

At the end of the night, there was a zero run in which dead players from previous runs discovered that they were still alive, but captured. They escaped, planted a miniature nuclear bomb, and made a run for it. Some of them made it out, and the Research Complex was presumably blown up / irradiated / burned to the ground, thus paving the way for haunted creepery at Zombie LARP: Nightmare.