Zombie VI: Better The Devil

Bioflex seal

Bioflex seal, above the main stairs. Whoever made that handprint must have been on a ladder

Better The Devil was marked by the arrival of Tim into our ranks, and he drew stuff. He drew a whole bunch of stuff. From tarot cards to posters to banners to set-dressing to graffiti, Tim etched out a visual theme for Zombie LARP that we never had before.

This event marked the acquisition of Bioflex PLC by Mr Devlin Garnet (say it quickly, you’ll get it eventually). Mr Garnet increased security, tightened laboratory protocols, heightened employee safety drills and stockpiled emergency supplies, then flooded the entire building with maniacs dripping the zombie virus who spread it as they massacred the unfortunate employees.

Why? We don’t know. He’s not very nice. With the addition of the new Believer character class, teams struggled to survive and escape the undead bloodbath in a variety of exciting and viscerally unpleasant ways:

Team MASSACRE had to extract a valuable executive from the initial wave of infected madmen, and make sure that he could unlock the doors from a remote location. Many of them fell, but the executive escaped with his life and insurance package intact.

SCREAMER involved, as you’d imagine, Screamers. Lots of them. Things went south pretty quickly, and while part of the team managed to escape thanks to some judicious use of God Power by their Believer, the majority of it died messily in some dark forgotten room.

Better The Devil invitation

Invitation emailed to players. Click on the image for full size.

SCIENTIST RESCUE sounded simple, but as a last-ditch survival technique the chap in question had infected himself with White Knight. Blessed with supernatural strength and toughness (and cursed with being a bit dead and evil now) the players had to lure him to the exit. Somehow, it worked and a couple of humans escaped intact.

STAND FAST had to do just that – we assailed them with point-defence challenges directed by a tech who was searching for a wireless signal to unlock the doors, and all they had to do was stay alive. They ran out of ammo, we didn’t run out of zombies. You can probably surmise how it panned out.

VALUABLE ASSETS involved the procurement and extended use of the (then-) prototype weapons system known as VULCAN. The team was tasked with shooting their way into the complex, grabbing the Vulcan, and shooting their way out. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

THE GM RUN involved a large, sweaty shirtless man being manhandled across the complex while we all bled out and screamed at each other. Let’s leave it at that.

LARPERS’ LAST STAND was a specially-written run for our more traditional players. How do you get a load of old-fashioned LARP weapons into a modern game? Why, you engineer a SURPRISE MEDIEVAL WEAPONS DELIVERY. Playing a mixture of curiously well-armed historians and postal staff, all the LARPers were horribly killed whilst attempting to sustain frankly unwise Irish accents.

We though we’d make WISEMEN a little easier than the others, so we gave the players three scientists of which they had to rescue one. But to give them a bit of a challenge, we blinded one scientist, deafened another, and tore out the tongue of the third. Managing such shellshocked targets proved impossible, and everyone died including the poor tongueless scientist mewling pathetically as she tried to crawl under a table.

THUNDERDOME was a filthy lie. We ran it back in The Second Incident, and set two teams of fully-armed lunatics against each other. This time, there was only one team – but we didn’t tell them they were alone until they escaped. This is the sort of thing you should expect from us, as we revel in your fear. It’s like a shower to us. Thunderdome was vastly improved by one of the team playing as a misguided Newsround reporter way, way out of his depth.

Our final run was THE HAND OF GLORY, in which (you guessed it) a Hand of Glory was given to players. With it, they could immobilise the undead into eerie forests of unmoving corpses – and they still all died, aside from one man with a Vulcan who shouldered his way out through the horde.

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