Zombie LARP: You’d Better Watch Out

Christmas-themed, but also of course strongly zombie-themed: You’d Better Watch Out was a Zombie LARP event at Friar’s Walk on 10 December 2011.

Event plot

Bioflex thought that Christmas could be improved. The result: ‘Flexmas’. Mandatory for all employees. The new holiday was field-tested at Friar’s Walk Mall. The Occult Sciences division released a limited-edition synthorg called Father Flexmas, and seeded the mall with spores of Parthenocissus niger, also known as Yes Virginia Creeper or ‘black tinsel’, a self-replicating transgenic alternative to normal tinsel. Unfortunately, Father Flexmas formed a symbiotic relationship with the black tinsel, creating a morbidity loop and severely grinching the local vril field. The only thing anyone got for Flexmas was zombies.

What happened

On each of the four runs, the players had two options for escape: bring eight power cells to an OTF safehouse in the mall basement in order to power an emergency transmitter and summon a rescue helicopter – OR – do one of four freakish other things, as described below.

‘Market Research’ –  a deranged Bioflex market researcher needed to recover a number of experimental Flexmas cards in order to measure their psychic effect that they’d had on their recipients. All the recipients had long since died and become zombies. Quite a few humans made it out on this one, albeit after an almighty battle against zombies at the main doors.

‘Santa’s Little Helpers’ – three masked Nightmares infested the children’s fun zone and demanded the return of three missing toys. Unfortunately the “toys” were White Knights and dragging them to the Nightmares was a tad awkward.

Flexmas Spirits‘ – a nice Christmassy angel had to be recruited to fight a horrible not-very-Christmassy demon. The survivors could only lure the two creatures into a fight by finding a couple of occult spellbooks.

Flexmas Dinner’ – The horrid Father Flexmas feasted on black tinsel and rampaged around slaughtering everyone. Eventually the surviving humans force-fed him enough poisonous silver tinsel to kill him. The run was pretty much a massacre, although there are rumours that one half-dead guy might have limped to the exit and escaped.


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