Zombie LARP: You’d Better Watch Out – tickets now on sale

We’re taking over the Mall again – this time for a massive, festive game: Zombie LARP: You’d Better Watch Out. Nightmare Santas, hideous angels, dead cats, broken umbrellas, loud noises, things with antlers, many, many zombies, those new NERF vortexy whatnots, and an unusual abundance of tinsel.

The event is on 10 December at Friar’s Walk Mall in Reading.

Tickets are on sale here.

You should buy one soon, as they sell out fairly quickly.

What can you expect from You’d Better Watch Out? All the running screaming blood-curdling massacre action from our past events, but with a festive twist! Bioflex are testing out new forms of festive holiday fun for their prototype gifting-period Flexmas, and you’re invited to take part in the market research! And by “invited” we mean “kidnapped!”

Was that an angel weeping in the corner? Who’s this Father Flexmas chap everyone seems so scared of? And why are those zombies covered in twinkly lights? That’s not festive! That’s sick! All this and more at ZombieLARP: You’d Better Watch Out! 10 December! 10:30am! Friar’s Walk Mall in Reading!

Christmas will be ruined forever! Be there, or explain to your grandchildren that you MISSED IT.