Zombie LARP: the story so far…

Less a plot, more of a series of increasingly tenuous excuses to continue running the game.

Zombie: The First Incident. Come work for the Bioflex Corporation. Zombie: The Second Incident. Nothing can go wrong this time!
Cult. Felicity’s army of lunatics. Zombie 4 – The Quick and the Dead. Mostly the latter, as it turns out.
Zombie CHAOS. Summoning rites, chainsaws, and a birthday party. Zombie VI: Better the Devil. Bioflex share price, Believers, tarot cards, Thunderdome, and a Hand of Glory.
Zombie VII: Payday. Black Knight, screamer webs, killteam, Damocles, and a zero run. Zombie LARP: Nightmare. Keycard and fireaxe. Masked Nightmares won’t leave you alone.
Shunt Zombie LARP @ Shunt. Two hours, in a big machine, in a club, in a warehouse, on New Year’s Eve. Zombie LARP: Evolution. Energy drinks and zombie strains.
Gamecamp Zombie, FPS style - credit Simon Roth Zombie LARP @ Gamecamp 2011. Brief, brutal, and spontaneous, at a gaming unconference. Zombie LARP: Station Zero. Combination locks, riddles, and a Red Leech.
Santa Zombie LARP: You’d Better Watch Out. Hee, hee, hee! Cheery Flexmas! White Noise Zombie LARP: White Noise. Drones, Nightmares, strange noises, and Doctor Baxter’s claw.