Zombie: The First Incident

Players zom it up for the camera

One zombie thinks it is an aeroplane

Zombie: The First Incident (which was pretty much just called ‘Zombie’ at the time) was the first Zombie LARP event. It took place during a Gamessoc event at UEA Congregation Hall in Norwich on the night of Saturday 17th February 2007.

We hadn’t the slightest clue whether any of this would work, if we’re being honest – our “playtests” were held in University hallways and kitchens after hours, and tended to involve around six people total. Moving up to the big leagues of running an actual LARP was terrifying.

Of course, as you can probably tell, it worked out okay in the end. Unsure of ourselves, we went through various drafts of missions and rules – including one where we scripted each and every zombie action, which we scrapped fairly quickly – and settled on one central mission we’d get each team to carry out. We’d split each team into two, and tell them to meet up and secure a puzzle scattered around the hall. Once they put the puzzle together correctly and radioed in the answer, they were allowed out of the building.

Looking back at the paltry selection of guns (four revolvers, three tommy guns, and two shiny and exciting new shotguns) it seems ridiculous that we managed to run with such a small amount of firepower. But run we did – it was astonishing, and it started something big.

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