Zombie LARP: Evolution

Good Heavens but that's a big zombie. Or a pair of very small humans

Zombie LARP: Evolution was a Zombie LARP event which ran at UEA Congregation Hall on Saturday 5th March 2011.

Evolution was the event at which the zombie outbreak was caused by sports energy drinks. Different flavours of the drink caused peculiar behavioural and physical differences in the zombies. As at Nightmare, the mission objectives mainly involved acquiring a blue keycard (to open the front doors) or fireaxe (to break out of the fire exit).

Sadly, this was also the event which had to be stopped just over halfway through the planned schedule of runs because of an injury. We like to think that we made up for it with Station Zero.


Evolution had a heap of elaborate backstory that (in hindsight) there was no chance of anyone being able to piece together. But for what it’s worth: the posters on the player room walls were meant to be charcoal drawings by the mysterious Inmate K,  a former OTF prisoner who had been codenamed ORACLE when held by the Taskforce but subsequently shoved into a psychiatric hospital and kept under surveillance. Inmate K had an unexplained psychic link with the new Bioflex head of research, Dr Lucy Fairchild, and predicted the new zombie outbreak and this tipped off the OTF just before the WK-23 energy drink launch party at the Research Complex.

The walls of the player room were covered with phoney documents, letters, and drawings which illustrated all this nonsense. Regular Zombie LARP players who studied all that junk on the walls might have been able to work out the identity of Inmate K – but probably not.  If anyone wants another go, we’re going to do our best to scatter the clues around this website. Good luck.

Evolution letter

Invitation sent to players. (Click to see full size).

Runs which happened

During STAMPEDE some of the zombies could run very fast. This was both (a) terrifying and (b) somehow not lethal enough. Turns out the sledge-axe is a pretty powerful weapon in the right hands.

Team SCAVENGER were split up and given jigsaw puzzle pieces – they had to complete the puzzle in order to find the location of the keycard they needed to get out. Chris told the full story on his blog.

During MACTABILIS there were a lot of White Knights around. I mean, a lot. Probably too many, in retrospect.

The objective items in BANSHEE were caught in screamer webs. This made it impossible for the team to get out without deliberately sending one of the players into a nest of zombies woven together with string, and then bothering them.

Team GORGON was hopelessly under-equipped, but zombies didn’t like bright light. We gave the players an awful lot of torches, most of which were – appropriately – awfully unreliable.

We’re not going to tell you about the runs we planned but didn’t get to play, just in case we use the ideas again…

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