Zombie at Gamecamp 2011

Zombie at Gamecamp, FPS style - pic by Simon Roth

Zombie at Gamecamp, FPS style - pic by Simon Roth

Gamecamp is one of these new-fangled Unconferences that work like a normal conference but with none of the organisation. Or something. Seeing as it was about all sorts of games and gaming, we rocked up with a bag full of NERF guns, a half-rehearsed presentation, and a pocketful of gumption.

That’s a lie, actually. We didn’t have any gumption and we hadn’t rehearsed the speech. But who needs words when you’ve got enough NERF guns to overthrow a small foam government?

Not us. Mary and I waffled on excitedly about zombie and used intelligent words like “emergent” and “adaptive” and “collaboration,” and managed to hold everyone’s interest by holding tiny games of Zombie directly before and after our talk. We organised people into teams of six and let them run around an empty level of a South Bank Uni building. They seemed to have inordinate amounts of fun.

Top moment? One guy ran out of ammo and teammates pretty early on, then disappeared. After two minutes of searching we were about to declare the game finished when he rocked up with a fully-loaded Raider he’d stolen from the GM room upstairs, shot everyone, grabbed the objective and ran away. We don’t like it when people cheat, but we have to tip our hats to this guy.