Zombie 5: Chaos

A valiant team of zombie hunters

Only one of these brave men died. We consider that a failure

Zombie 5: Chaos was a Zombie LARP event that took place at UEA Congregation Hall on Saturday 14th March 2009.

Chaos was awesome. Hailed by myself as “the first Zombie where nothing went wrong,” we’d managed to work out how to make all this undead destruction happen without a hitch, and we took full advantage of that.

There were big screaming rituals to summon angels, Ben laid out on a table with a key in his mouth (that no-one found), chainsaw duels, the world’s first official Zombie LARP GM Run (over half of us escaped! MINOR VICTORY) and, of course, a massive sing-song of Happy Birthday To You performed by forty zombies in party hats and lead by two blonde girls in creepy Victorian dresses.

Genuinely distressing stuff.

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