Zombie 4 – The Quick and the Dead

Two survivors, hiding

A lucky escape for two survivors. They both later died.

Zombie 4 – The Quick and the Dead was a Zombie LARP event that took place at UEA Congregation Hall on Saturday 25th October 2008.

The Quick and the Dead was an absolute bloodbath. Venue restrictions meant that we’d lost access to the front staircase, so players were denied their standard loop of freedom and instead trapped in a C-shaped tunnel of death. Very few players survived, yet most seemed to enjoy themselves in spite of their demise.

This event was planned almost entirely in one sitting whilst in the pub. As such, we pared down all the missions (we had four scenarios for the eight teams) and made them much simpler – get an item and escape, rescue a person and escape, and so on. The pitch-black rooms and moaning dead gave enough horror to proceedings without us shoehorning any more in.

QATD taught us how to do our thing, and with the advent of Chaos, we began to hit our stride.

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