WhiteKnight-23 energy drink

Drinks launch

An unknown Bioflex executive shows off the first batch of WK-23 at the 2011 launch party. Died soon after, obvo.

WhiteKnight-23 is a Bioflex product, represented at Zombie LARP by bottles of fizzy drink with a special label stuck on ’em.

Here’s the idea: after the White Knight project failed catastrophically and caused huge loss of life on six or seven separate occasions, Bioflex seemed to realize that weapon-organisms and medical supertools were risky areas of research. So the scientists were all put to work on making sports energy drinks instead. The drinks were launched at Zombie LARP: Evolution and Bioflex employees were given mandatory free samples via the office water supply. Then things got out of hand.


The drink doesn’t do anything; it’s just a prop. Bottles are rare these days, as production has ceased and the launch party ended in a mass slaughter. But if you do happen to see anyone drinking WK-23 it is probably bad news for them and anyone near them.


There were five flavours of WK-23 and they seemed to have a lot of different horrible effects. It is possible that Bioflex did all this on purpose as a way of pretending that White Knight research was for something nice.

WhiteKnight-23 CLASSIC

WhiteKnight Classic

Allegedly tasted like children’s medicine with iron filings stirred into it. Almost everyone who drank even a tiny amount of WhiteKnight Classic – or was present when a bottle was opened – or who worked at or near the bottling plant – died very soon afterwards of unrelated illness or severe mauling with peripheral biting.

Tests performed at the OTF‘s deep scrying labs have revealed a possible link to the so-called ‘Mactabilis strain‘ of zombie – more usually known as White Knights.


Zesty Lemon Flavour

This drink really did taste of lemons – a flavour which was achieved synthetically using onion extract and monkey hormones. Zesty Lemon Flavour was intended to be able to turn a couch potato into an Olympic athlete. Unfortunately the increase in metabolism and heart rate usually caused the blood vessels in the drinker’s eyeballs to burst after less than an hour.

Radical anti-Bioflex group P*A*W*N has alleged that there is a connection between this flavour of WhiteKNight-23 and the rumoured “Stampede strain” of zombie which appeared at the 2011 launch party.

WhiteKnight-23 XPRESS

WhiteKnight Xpress

Market testing of this flavour led to one tester being pronounced dead but buried alive. Bioflex SportsLabs apologised and added the following disclaimer to the label: “WARNING: 350ml bottle contains 100g sugar, 260mg caffeine, 0.00000001mg WK-23 virus nanoparticles. Not recommended for pregnant women, children, the elderly, animals, war veterans, diabetics, recovering drug addicts, Test Subjects, epileptics, Wesker, individuals of a nervous disposition, or Bioflex employees who habitually handle Vulcan– or Longshot-class firearms. Food Standards Agency approval pending.”

Side effects including light-sensitivity and catatonia, suggests a possible link to rare ‘Lamplight‘ and ‘Gorgon‘ strains of zombie.

WhiteKnight-23 LIME

Ice-Cool Lime Flavour

One of very few substances known to be solid at room temperature but liquid when cooled down. The process that produces Lime Flavour is kept very secret, but a leaked Bioflex document reveals that the SportsLabs were supplied with hundreds of newborn Jackson’s Chameleons by the reptile house at London Zoo. When asked, a Bioflex spokesman denied that there is any connection to the ‘Chameleon strain‘ of the White Knight virus, which is odd because the question didn’t mention that.


Electric Blueberry Flavour

The blueberries that go into this flavour of WhiteKnight are harvested on vast farms by specially-reared specimens of Zygoballus remotus, the Guatemalan jumping spider, which was introduced to Norfolk by Bioflex for this purpose. This flavour was almost – but not quite – withdrawn from market when an entire focus group began experiencing severe narcolepsy and sticky discharges from the pores.

Deposits of this beverage (in its pure syrup form) were found around the sweat glands of bodies which are believed to have been Banshee– and Flytrapstrain screamer zombies.