White Knights

White KnightWhite Knights are relentless psychopathic grave-horrors, created by hellish science and unethical witchcraft. They are faster, stronger, tougher, and infinitely more aggressive than zombies.

They’re rare creatures – which is fortunate, because a single White Knight is a serious threat to a team of armed humans. It takes a hail of bullets to bring a White Knight down, and it won’t stay down for long. Engaging White Knights in melee combat is incredibly risky – but they’re not invincible.


White Knights wear tattered white lab coats (perhaps indicating that they were once Bioflex scientists) and white shroud-like masks that completely cover the head. A White Knight mask has a black Bioflex logo over the face. In some cases the mask is rolled up to expose the mouth and jaw. White Knights make rasping, snarling, growling, gnashing noises, and some people claim to have heard Knights speak. White Knights invariably carry a large and viciously sharp melee weapon, and usually both Knight and weapon will be covered in blood. 

White KnightBehaviour

White Knight behaviour is inconsistent in terms of the level of implied intelligence. When a White Knight sees an golden opportunity to hack a human to pieces, it will attack with extreme savagery – but Knights have also been observed stalking their intended victims, picking alternate attack routes, sneaking up on humans, and even retreating when the odds turn against them.

Zombies don’t regard White Knights as a food source, and White Knights have almost no interest in zombies. At best, White Knights seem to regard zombies as an annoyance, and will gladly carve a zombie into bits if it’s in the way.

Playing as a White Knight

If you crew for a Zombie LARP event, you might get the chance to play as a White Knight. It’s maybe the most physically demanding role that you can play at Zombie LARP, because it requires you to rush around launching constant attacks while taking continuous savage beatings from gangs of players.

White Knight warning triangle

White Knight contamination warning symbol.

The precise rules that White Knights follow are not revealed to players, in order to preserve suspense (and let us change things on the fly if we need to).


The creature described in this post is the current form of the White Knight, but they have changed quite a bit since the early days of Zombie LARP. Grant once wrote a blog post about the ideas that went into the White Knight design – read it if you dare.