The Sad Tale of Team Scavenger

Team Scavenger, before the carnage

Only one of them made it out alive, and he was sprinting.

Team Scavenger are legends. During Zombie: Evolution, they had one of the absolute best runs I’ve ever witnessed, featuring (in no particular order) creepy birthday zombies, a zombie bride in full wedding costume plus weeping entourage, an atheist Believer, the fastest sprint to the exit I’ve seen so far and a trick with two phones that managed to confuse an entire room of shambling undead and save the team from Certain Death.

Luckily, Chris Farnell has immortalised the entire thing on his zombie-related blog – it’s well worth reading in full, but here’s one of my favourite excerpts.

At this point I whipped out my battered old Nokia and, fingers shaking, tapped in a number. I hit the dial button as the zombies surrounded us, and… nothing. One incredibly long moment of nothing, when I start to worry about battery lifespans, and mobile reception, and… then the ringing starts. The ringing of the blackberry phone I had just planted at the opposite end of the room.

As one, the zombies turned and lurched over to the source of the noise, while we snuck out the door, me doing a very quiet victory dance.

We dodged a couple of hallway zombies, and Matt led us to a room with some sort of arcane shrine set up. At the top of the shrine was a drawing of a single, burning eye. I looked at the eye, and in my photographic memory I flashed up the image of the jigsaw puzzle, only all the words were all weird and glowy, like in A Beautiful Mind. They said “Behind the eye” and here was a picture of an eye, an eye like the eye that was mentioned in the “Behind the eye” of the jigsaw, “Behind” an eye, an eye that could, maybe, possibly, perhaps, be like the eye that was on this shrine.

“Behind the eye!” I said meaningfully.

Matt looked at me in confusion. It wasn’t his fault, I was clearly operating on another level by this point.