The all-new Zombie Stuff blog

It’s come to our attention that, staggeringly, zombies are pretty popular. It’s almost as though there’s an entire zombie community out there – hundreds, possibly even thousands, of folks interested in the same sorts of things as us. There’s films, TV shows, novels both graphic and textual, more computer games than you can shake a very big stick at and, it seems, a whole bunch of other live games too.

Let’s face it, without that amazing group of people who get excited about zombies and zombie-related stuff, we wouldn’t have a game. And the game doesn’t exist in isolation – we draw on all sorts of classic zombie-related culture, and we like to give a little bit back to the zombie community too – both living and undead.

So, as part of the new website design, we’ve included the Zombie Stuff blog, where we can review, discuss and waffle excitedly about developments in zombie culture outside the game we run. If you know of something we should write about, review, go see, etc., drop us a line at – we’ll be glad of the encouragement.