Test Subject

Test SubjectTest Subjects are humans who have escaped from sinister experiments – or have been set free on purpose because the experiment’s not over yet. They’re an optional character class – part of a set which also includes the Survivor, Security Guard, Medic and Believer.

Special rules

At any point during the game, a Test Subject can choose to scream like a completely psychotic person. While the scream lasts, the Test Subject is invulnerable, and all melee attacks by the Test Subject will knock zombies down instantly. But it’s just one scream – so as soon as you catch your breath, the effect ends, at which point you drop down to zero health levels instantly. This means that unless there’s a Medic¬†nearby, the Test Subject’s scream is a one-use-only suicide attack.


Any melee weapon – or two small melee weapons.


Nobody knows how this zombie outbreak business got started, but the Bioflex Corporation has been sticking needles of luminous crimson fluid into the throats and corneas of poorly-informed student volunteers since the mid-1940s, so that might be something to do with it.  One of the symptoms of having been part of a zombie-related medical experiment is that you have no memory of having been part of a zombie-related medical experiment, so if you think your life up until this point has been uneventful, you may be seconds away from an aggression spike that would blow up an EEG machine.

Character classes
Survivor Security Guard Medic! Believer Test Subject