Tales from Station Zero

Team 2B, shortly before death

Chris is right. Alina is definitely the scariest person here.

Chris Farnell, we are quickly learning, is a man who can lead a team of intrepid Zombie hunters into a dark basement and ensure that none of them ever get out again. He proved this to the world during Station Zero, in which he and his band of merry survivors – pictured here – unfortunately and repeatedly failed to survive. Except for Tom, apparently.

Chris once again wrote up the game for posterity, in a move that we very much appreciate, bringing in testimony from other players, bits from other teams we didn’t see, and a rather nifty ASCII map of one encounter.

Again, it’s definitely worth reading the whole thing, but this is one of our favourite bits:

After Run 3, our team were sat around, relaxing, planning our strategy for the next run. We’d come to affectionately know the ninjas as Darth Vader and Skull Face. As we chatted, one of the ninjas, I believe it was Darth Vader, said “We want to do the Hand of God mission.”

It took a split second for us to think this over and say “Nooooo! Nope. No. No way. Not doing that. Nadda.”

“For the Hand of God you can only take your own guns with you,” I pointed out. “None of us have brought any weapons.”

Then Darth Vader said something that would eventually doom us all. He looked at me and said, “We can kit you out.”

“We’ve got a massive box full of guns,” Skull Face added. “Plenty of weapons for everyone.”

There was a long, pregnant pause. On second thoughts, maybe it was what I said next that doomed us all.

I said, “Show us the box.”