survivor-pictureSURVIVORS are an optional character class – part of a set which also includes the Security Guard, Medic, Test Subject and Believer. The Survivor is the default class because its rules don’t require players to remember anything extra.

Special rules

Survivors don’t have to act out their injuries. A Survivor has the same number of ‘health levels’ as anyone else, but he or she just counts them down one-by-one until death, rather than losing the use of limbs along the way.


Survivors enter the outbreak zone with a pistol and a small melee weapon.


Survivors are meant to represent ordinary people who have blundered into a zombie outbreak. Or who have sat at home peeking through the curtains until it’s too late to easily escape. At previous ZombieLARP events, many Survivors have been administrative staff working for the very irresponsible Bioflex Corporation. Company employees who survive an outbreak often quit and join P*A*W*N, a protest group which wants to stop Bioflex’s plans, but hasn’t worked out how – or even what those plans are.

A few Survivor character/costume ideas, all created by players at previous games:

  • A janitor who was locked in a cupboard early on in the outbreak and only just got out.
  • An architect (in flourescent jacket and hard-hat) who was supervising a nearby construction site.
  • A TV reporter, trying to provide live coverage of the outbreak for CBBC Newsround.
  • A convict who took advantage of the zombie chaos to escape from jail.

Survivors can be just about anybody. If you turn up at a ZombieLARP event wearing your own casual clothes, with no weapons of your own, and looking a bit nervous, then well done: that’s a 100%-convincing Survivor costume.

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