Super Happy Go Go QD Fun Gun – review

This gun, purchased from QD in Norwich in a fit of optimism and thrift, has the honour of being the worst firing item we have ever possessed.

Mary – who you may be aware is our shortest GM – can reach further than this thing can fire. Darts tend to fall out of the end when it’s held at anything other than completely horizontal. It makes a disappointing “spung” noise when fired. It holds one breach-loaded round and another three darts in underslung barrells which – amusingly – are all different lengths, making the thing look like a hedgehog having a bad hair day.

Do you remember that scene in Men in Black where Will Smith gets the really tiny gun? This gun is smaller than that. It is impossible to hold. You can’t fit your finger in to pull the trigger, but that’s really no hardship, as you could just take the darts out of the gun and throw them instead for a much more effective weapon.

In short, this gun is so bad that we’ve already forgotten its name, broken it down for scrap, scrapped the pieces and sowed the ground with salt. In future we will be referring to it only with a vaguely obscene hand gesture.

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