Security Guard

Security GuardSECURITY GUARDS are tough and get to carry the biggest guns. They’re an optional character class – part of a set which also includes the SurvivorMedic, Test Subject and Believer.

Special rules

Security Guards have one more health level than other character classes. This extra level is lost before the normal loss of health levels (so it’s the equivalent of saying that Security Guards ignore the first hit they take). If you’re playing as a Security Guard, the extra health level may be represented by slapping some kind of ‘armour’ sticker on the player’s arm, or strapping the player into some actual body armour, or both. Or you might just have to remember it.


Security Guards can take two pistols, a rifle, or a heavy weapon, as well as extra ammunition.


Only a few of these people have ever held down an honest job patrolling a department store. The rest are privately-funded paramilitaries, bodyguards, bouncers, heavies, traffic cops, Armed Response units, soldiers, Special Forces, hunting enthusiasts, wandering ninjas, survivalists, thwarted Territorial Army rejects, or civilians who have raided the local Army Surplus Store and are having Vietnam flashbacks despite never having been there. The Occult Task Force has its own secret regiment of heavily-armed goons, and the Bioflex Corporation supposedly has more than a few paramilitary killteams at its disposal.

Character classes
Survivor Security Guard Medic! Believer Test Subject