Quick, Dead, awesome

For internet posterity, here’s the preparation and froth thread from the Gamessoc boards where we announced – and later dissected – our fourth event. The game was an odd one for us – not least because Mary was training in Newcastle for four months when we ran the game, so preparation was light and we steered well clear of the complexity and over-planning that were the hallmarks of Cult.

Unfortunately, due to building works in Congregation Hall, one staircase was entirely blocked off. This, combined with our highest player turnout so far, basically turned the building into a horseshoe-shaped deathtrap, raising the kill count to brutally bloody levels and making us realise for the first time how vital it was for players to have a choice of directions for their frenzied and desperate escape attempts.

Here also, preserved for posterity, are the awards we gave out on the night:

Epic Blag – Matt, for standing stock still in a variety of places so well that we called time out twice before the zombies finally ate his face.
30 Seconds In – Corinthian/Tim for dying within seconds and metres of the starting point.
Now Is Not A Good Time – Tom, for his last words in response to the phone call that finally attracted the attention of the undead who’d been carefully stepping over his dying body for the last ten minutes.
Gentleman Coward’s Way Out – Jarval, for calmly saying “You mean I can’t get out? Oh. Is this gun loaded? Excellent.” and then shooting himself in the head.
Saddest Thing – Harriet, because she was actually really bleeding and it was very sad.
Heroic Distraction – Evil Jon, for running down a corridor full of zombies yelling “Look at me! I’m delicious!” and using his dying energy to call Grant, just so the zombies would stay distracted for longer.
Taken From Behind – Ben/Randy, for being so fixated on the massive swarm of undead in the corridor in front of him that he failed to notice Danny until it was too late.
He’s Covered Wars You Know – The Frank West Award for Flash Photography this time goes to Phil, whose photos can be seen elsewhere.
Elvis’s Golden Stool – Wesker, for dying ignobly on the toilet.
Rat-like Cunning – Lolly, for stealing someone else’s hard-won wristband and leaving them behind to get eaten.
Utter Bastard – Quite a lot of people deserved this on the last run, but the award goes to Ed, who shot and killed several people before they’d even become zombies.
Last Man Standing – Elizabeth, for valiantly hiding behind a door for so long that we almost forgot she was there.