Poundland Happy Toy Super – review

A cheap imitation of the NERF Secret Shot, this is a tiny, tiny gun with an air reservoir that you pump up before firing. It’s unreliable, difficult to use, quirky and only useful because it’s the one shot that no one knows you have.

In fact, scratch that. It isn’t even useful for that reason, because chances are it will completely fail to fire. It takes a few moments of frenzied air pumping to have any chance of firing at all, completely ruining your element of surprise. If you pump too hard, it gets overexcited and fires automatically, completely ruining your shot. And if you don’t pump it enough, the dart simply falls out of the end with a wet “pfffft” sound.

The only time we’ve seen one actually used in Zombie, it was being carried as a backup suicide weapon – the last shot you save for yourself. The poor dude pulled it out after he got cornered in the foyer by a horde of zombies, and spent his final moments desperately pumping air into it before the dart fell out of the end and he went down screaming.

Basically, it’s an interesting paperweight but no one should attempt to use it as weaponry.

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