PAWN logo

A common P*A*W*N insignia.

P*A*W*N  is an activist group, opposed to all zombie-related goings-on. (Of course this isn’t a real thing; it’s one of the made-up factions at Zombie LARP events. The other factions are Bioflex and the Occult Task Force.)

Over the years, thousands of people have been injured, disfigured, killed, boiled, driven mad, or reverse-created by industrial and scientific “accidents” on or near Bioflex premises. Those who were only injured or driven mad often join P*A*W*N, a loose coalition of semi-underground anti-corporate quasi-militias.  P*A*W*N is always looking for new comrades because the survival rate for comrades isn’t great.

Role at Zombie LARP events

Playing as a P*A*W*N agitator is an easy ‘character concept’ for anyone at a Zombie LARP event. P*A*W*N members can be unwittingly caught up in a zombie outbreak, or can be there as part of an ill-advised attempt at Direct Action against Bioflex. The structure and goals of P*A*W*N are so poorly understood even by the people inside the organization that almost anyone can claim membership or indeed leadership.

P*A*W*N membership gives you complete freedom to pick your own motives and backstory, wear civilian clothes, and be as competent or incompetent as you like. If you are any of the following…

  • A traumatized Bioflex employee who wants revenge
  • An armchair anticapitalist with a cache of illegal NERF guns under the bed
  • A veteran eco-warrior out to expose Bioflex’s role in global whale-smuggling
  • An attention-seeking pseud who thinks zombies are a cover-story (which they’re not)
  • A looter who thinks the glowing tubes in the labs could be worth a few quid down the market

… then P*A*W*N is the organization for you!

Group history

Alright, we’ll tell you: it stands for ‘People Against White kNight’. (White Knight is the name of Bioflex’s synthetic virus). The history of P*A*W*N is very confusing and this is as much as we’ve been able to piece together so far.

1986 – Radical left-wing guerilla “Red Eddy” is kicked out of the Baader-Meinhof group for trying to assassinate a German industrialist using psychic warfare (rather than, say, a gun). Eddy returns to the UK and joins a commune run by psychedic eco-prophet Ronnie “Satanic” Mills – sometimes called the East Anglian Timothy Leary.

1987 – Most members of the Mills commune drown when their protest ship – a refitted  trawler called the Third Eye – blows up while blockading a Bioflex research platform in the Bermuda Triangle. An unnamed British army unit is rumoured to be responsible for the sinking.

Possible PAWN member

Members of P*A*W*N might look a bit like this. Although of course this particular man is a law-abiding citizen.

1989 – Ronnie Mills himself is mysterious killed during the endgame of a chess match.

1990 – An unidentified bearded man who might be Red Eddy is arrested for selling subversive pamphlets in Trafalgar Square. The pamphlets show a clenched-fist insignia and warn of “cannibal ghouls” living in the  tunnels of the Victoria Line.

1997 – The insignia surfaces again on flyers distributed by a young activist calling herself Nicola Mills, who identifies herself as the leader of CLEAR (Campaign for Limits on Experimentation And Research). CLEAR soon changes its name to CASE (Campaign Against Secret Experiments) and ultimately CROSS (Citizens Rightly Opposed to Secret Science) so that its leader can evade Student Loan officers.

2005 – CROSS changes its name to CRAB (Citizens Rallying Against Bioflex) out of solidarity with the many sand crabs used in Bioflex’s cosmetics research.

2007 – Amid rumours that Bioflex had tested a synthetic virus on students at the University of East Anglia, Nicola Mills reforms CRAB into TORCH (Total Opposition to Research Conducted on Humans), then CATCH (Citizens Against Testing Cytoviruses on Humans).

2008 – Nicola infiltrates the Research Complex as a filing clerk whose main responsibility is to ignore Freedom of Information requests. While Mills is in deep-cover, her subordinate “Chuffy” Sanders merges CATCH with rival groups LANTERN (League for Abolishing Nano-TEchnology Research Now) and COFFIN (Citizens Opposing Frankenstein Freaks Induced by Nanoviruses). The resulting coalition is named PELICAN (the Personal Ethics League, Incorporating the Campaign for Abolishing Nanoviruses), in honour of a wading bird liberated from Bioflex’s labs.

2008 – PELICAN expels all former members of LANTERN and re-forms along paramilitary lines as HEADSHOT (Human Experimentation And Degredation Should Halt Or there’ll be Trouble). Nicola Mills is unhappy with this because the acronym is contrived. As a compromise she re-names the group as PARROT (People Advocating Real Restrictions On Testing).

2009 – PARROT splits; half the members form a moderate splinter-group called SQUAWK (the Society for Questioning the Usefulness of Advancing White Knight).

2010 – Mere days before the group’s planned sit-in at the Bioflex Research Complex, Nicola Mills merges PARROT with SQUAWK again, and merges both with a further small group called SYRINGE (Say Yes in Reponse to Institution of New Guidelines for Ethics) to form P*A*W*N (People Against White kNight). The sit-in goes ahead but goes horribly wrong and most members are eaten, captured or driven insane anyway.

2010 – 2011 – Many former Bioflex employees experience a shared lucid nightmare. The few survivors meet up in therapy and decide it’s probably time to re-form P*A*W*N. The group attempts to sabotage the launch party for Bioflex’s White-Knight23 energy drink.

2011 – P*A*W*N protests against Bioflex’s public demonstrations of dangerous Vril technology. When the resulting deadly virus outbreak is finally quashed, P*A*W*N is unable to capitalize on Bioflex’s humiliation because all the most committed activists have already left to attend Occupy Wall Street.

Current operations

The P*A*W*N committee occasionally produces newsletters to inspire you into direct action against the sick Frankenstein scum at Bioflex.