Joyous welcomes and ///mandatory/// smiles are yours to enjoy and reciprocate with this congratulatory FLEXMAS ELECTRONIC GREETING>>>>>

”]”]”]In accordance with re-upgraded folk traditions of archaic gifting period designation CHRISTMAS, we dispatch a missive wishing you harmless respiratory functions and assure each other of our MUTUAL INENTIONS NOT TO BEGIN LEGAL PROCEEDINGS>>>>>[//err//Field:HAPPYNEWYEARunfound, searching etherbase… unfound status remains, task slaveminds investigate… year:designation”2012” undefined under Protocol:RAGNAROK, Proceed as.if.everything.normal]

We are pleased to pronounce our FLEXMAS testing a SUCCESS although malicious vandalism of company test equipment and ambulatory cadavers with small arms fire and blunt instruments throughout test period has lead to>>>>>> COSTLY REPLACEMENT GAS filtration procedures being undertaken in local schools rest homes government buildings and rival malls to generate fresh test equipment and ambulatory cadavers. Full report on the costly but doubtlessly//festive event can be viewed HERE//don’’s.scary

As such the ENFORCED GIFTING REGIEME gloriously envisioned for FLEXMAS 2011 in which occluded science agents revisit all escaped ERROR ERROR revisit all //SUCCESSFUL// test subjects with mandatory.wellness.injections administered by bearded avuncular character with ATTENDANT SINISTER ELVES has been CANCELLED due to lack of funding it’’t//look//out//

Bioflex wishes to draw attention of employees to ATTENDANT PICTORIAL EVIDENCE of test proceedings captured on sub-permeable vril lenses specially implanted into OLIVER FACEY/// ErrOR ErroR they.took.his.eyes>>>>>>>These images have been meticulously concentrated and reconstituted from BRAIN LEAVINGS of the OLIVER FACEY and placed in their original electrionic format online at INTERACT MOUSE WITH PHRASE TO SEE PICTURES’


If you or any other willing test subjects have gathered pictorial information through analysis of vril-energised grey matter or other more esoteric means such as CAMERAS then please post links to any such compendiums of HARMLESS EVIDENCE to our/// LAIR on the black of the moon ERROR ERROR MOON UNFOUND>>> post to our lair in the Book of Faces///>> err?metaitemref:BookofFaces lost with Kramer expedition to otherland:ABOVE, confirm?///or send us an ELECTRONIC-GREETING with details so our team of HAPPINESS LAWYERS can inspect it for correct levels of corporate jolity

FINAL MISSIVE PORTION designation SAVETHEDATE indicates occluded science vatscryers show MARCH 31ST 2012 as possible date of future “ZOMBIE” outbreak in STATION ZERO READING MALL>>>>escape

Expect future communications at>>> seemingly random intervals that DO NOT /// relate to grand geomantic ritual scheme to overthrow EU government and are definitely random

Jolly FLEXMAS to all infants, adults and beasts
Sleep safely until.they.come>>>>they’re///coming//GET.OUT