Occult Task Force

OTF Crest

The Occult Task Force is a secret army regiment, or group of regiments, or some other kind of secret organization with soldiers in it. The Zombie LARP refs made it up (duh) in order to provide an excuse for players to be sent on zombie-exterminating jobs and other strange missions.

In the event of a zombie outbreak, the OTF sends in armed troops and plain-clothes exorcists to fix the problem, although they often make it much worse instead.

Role in Zombie LARP events

The OTF is one of the three main factions at Zombie LARP. (The other two are Bioflex and P*A*W*N.) Players at Zombie LARP can play as Occult Task Force field agents or sioldiers. It gives a good excuse for you to be on an important mission (when really, if you were a normal person, all you’d want to do is run away).

If you’re an undercover OTF operative, that also explains why you know more about zombies than anyone who is experiencing their first zombie outbreak would actually know. The Taskforce is vaguely associated with the Believer character class.

Taskforce history

OTF Poster

The OTF designed this poster to make you feel safe

1645 A.D.: Oliver Cromwell summons the witchfinders John Stearne and Matthew Hopkins to London, and promises them an English pound for the head of every witch they hang, if only they undertake the task of ridding all of East Anglia of the influence of the Devil. A pious man with disdain for material rewards, John Stearne refuses – suspecting (quite rightly) a political motive. Hopkins takes up Cromwell’s offer, and in a secret ceremony the title of ‘Witch-finder General of England’ is bestowed upon him. Unfortunately, the job turns out to be rather more difficult than either man anticipated. The region is simply teeming with genuine diabolism. The background level of heresy is six-hundred and sixty-six times the national average.

So, fast-forward three-hundred and fifty years, and Hopkins is of course long dead – but his work is still going on. The people doing it don’t call themselves witch-hunters any more; they’re called the OTF. They have a particular interest in the Bioflex Corporation, but seem unable to destroy it completely. Every time they cut one head off the hydra, another two spring up from the stumpy neck.

The Taskforce is comprised of every kind of Black Ops and secret-agent nightmare rolled into one and dedicated to zombie-killing, witch-finding, vampire-hunting, ghost-bustingĀ  and monster-bashing. All methods are acceptable if they get the job done – up to and including chemical warfare, necromancy, waterboarding and voodoo. At the peak of its powers, the OTF has had access to fleets of rescue helicopters, thousands of loyal spies, vast arsenals of the deadliest NERF guns, highly-trained killteams to use them, and the guaranteed assistance of the Heavenly Host at moments of particular crisis. But at its lowest ebb of its funding and influence, the OTF’s entire ground force has consisted of half a dozen amateur ghost-hunters armed with crucifixes made from HB pencils and toilet rolls.

In both sets of circumstances the OTF High Command has a habit of making very unfair decisions without consulting anyone, for reasons it refuses to reveal. There’s some sort of secret agenda – but from all the OTF operations so far, no clear pattern emerges. So if the mission seems spiritually dangerous and you don’t fully understand your orders, those orders probably came from the OTF.