NERF Vulcan – review

Grant, cigar and two Vulcans - pic by Khalile Siddiqui,

Grant, cigar & two Vulcans - pic by Khalile Siddiqui

This ain’t your daddy’s NERF gun, no sir.

The Vulcan – known as the Havok Fire in the UK, for some reason – is the first proper belt-fed, fully-automatic electric NERF gun. It’s terribly effective, offers a decent range, and fires on full bloody auto.The belt is 25 darts long and they can be easily extended to double that length, giving you just about enough bullets for your average game of Zombie (assuming you’re at least moderately sensible with your trigger finger).

Although it lacks something in accuracy as it’s fired from the hip, it makes you feel like Rambo and we think there’s something to be said for that.┬áIt looks, and feels, fantastic to fire. It’s the sort of gun that makes grown geeks don camouflage face paint, full fatigues and ammo bandoliers, stick thumb-thick cigars between their teeth and pose for the camera. (Grant actually did this, in a kilt rather than camo, on his wedding day. That’s how much fun the gun is.) The battery-powered firing mechanism feels slick and powerful – far more so than any other NERF gun – and it’s a pleasure to unleash.

The main issue we encountered with using it was that it’s just too big and too heavy for some people to fire effectively from the hip – but it comes with a handy removable tripod to make static firing and point defense not only possible but fun.

By the way, did we mention full bloody auto?