NERF Recon – review

Retreating with a Recon - pic by Phil Monk

Cactus models the Recon with all the extra stuff attached

Another very attractive gun, the NERF Recon is a cut-down version of the Longshot resulting in a boxy clip-fed pistol. The kit comes with a barrel extension and skeleton stock to modify it into a sort of sub-machine gun/assault rifle lookalike, but those generally just slow the user down. Although it is possible to wield (well, hold) two at the same time with enormous barrels, which makes us feel a bit like we’re in an anime film.

Unlike a lot of other pistols the Recon’s slide isn’t sprung, so you’ll need to push it back into place after you cock it, making it a bit hard to use two at the same time. However, since the Recon first came out, NERF has brought out the Raider (which takes a 36-round drum magazine) and the Stampede (which takes an 18-round straight clip). Crucially, these are both entirely compatible with the Recon. Adding a drum mag to the basic loadout transforms it from a stocky, boxy sidearm to an utterly, completely ridiculous main weapon. Bonus points if you mount a NERF Crossfire on the top.

Aside from a slight propensity to jam and a few minor targeting issues, the Recon is a fantastic little gun and one any operative should be proud to use – but it can be made significantly better with a few extra rounds.