NERF Raider – review

Two happy men with big NERF guns

This is how a Raider makes you feel.

Two words: bloody hell. The Raider is, hands-down (that’s hands down on the Raider, you understand, to keep other people off it), the absolute best gun to use in Zombie. We can’t recommend it enough. It’s smooth, it’s fast, it rarely jams, it’s light and it makes basically no noise except for when you fire it. It’s difficult to work out why you’d use anything else, really.

You get 35 rounds in the enormous drum magazine. You can fire them one at a time – which is pretty fast – or using the slam-fire method, where every time the front handle is pulled back the gun automatically fires.

It’s got one of the fastest rates of fire of our armoury, but without any of the traditional drawbacks of guns like the Tommy-20. It’s easy to use, quiet and very difficult to jam – unless you put the wrong sort of dart in it, in which case you’d better have your miniature screwdrivers ready to sort it out. Jams aren’t easily cleared.

It is versatile, pump-action, lightweight, reliable and hideously satisfying. We’re considering upping the standard armament of the security guard to this gun – firstly to make them more awesome, secondly to just give people a chance to use the damn things. Just about the only drawback is the fact that it looks really, really stupid, and you just stop caring about that after you’ve fired it a few times.

One point worthy of note is that the Raider will take standard 6-shot clips such as the ones used in the Longshot or Recon. This makes the Raider into an overly-long, slightly unwieldy Maverick. Conversely, this means that the Longshot and Recon both take the Raider’s 35-shot beast of a drum barrel. This makes the Recon into the single daftest-looking weapon in the game – and one of the most effective.