NERF Longshot – review

Longshot is long. Pic by Khalili Siddique,

Longshot is long. Pic by Khalili Siddique

The Longshot is one of the most beautiful pieces of kit we possess. Somewhere between an Aliens pulse rifle and a sniper rifle, depending on what bits you attach, the Longshot also uses NERF’s rather neat six-shot removable clips as a means of storing ammunition. This means you can reload it faster than any other gun, and coupled with a half-decent range and smooth firing mechanism it’s a pretty decent choice if you don’t fancy the automated blam-power of the more recent range.

As with the Recon, the Longshot will also take the newer 18-round Stampede clips and 36-round Raider gun magazines. Unlike the Recon, it doesn’t look totally bloody stupid while doing so. Well, a bit stupid. But one of these with four 18-round clips taped together upside down for ease of reloading – that’s both a pleasure to fire and a pleasure to look at. Good, old-fashioned NERF fighting, like it was back before they introduced batteries into their guns.

It’s a little picky about which darts it likes to use, and ours tends to jam if the darts are misshapen, which makes it completely useless as clearing a jam takes longer than a standard run lasts. It does also come with a detachable extra gun which fires a single shot. This feature is almost entirely useless.

Fully constructed it is around four feet long, which a) makes it highly difficult to manouevre and b) is totally worth it.