NERF Firefly – review

The NERF Firefly, a scaled-up version of the Maverick, is a curiously rectangular bullpup gun that holds eight shots in a revolving chamber. The cocking mechanism is a little odd – you end up reaching under your chin to pull the slide back – but the real joy of this gun comes from the extra electronics plugged around the Maverick core.

A flashbulb fires whenever the trigger is pulled. This charges the special fluorescent darts and flashes out of the transparent barrels, giving the effect of tracer rounds and muzzle flare. It’s really quite exciting – after it’s fired, the flashbulb recharges with the exact same noise as Sam Fisher’s night-vision goggles – and the bells and whistles more than make up for what is otherwise a pretty run-of-the-mill weapon.

The one problem we have at Zombie games tends to be sorting out enough fluorescent darts to fully load the Firefly. Our darts tend to get lost, get jumbled together and in extreme cases turn up eight weeks after a game stuck in Mary’s hair, which is why having a weapon without special ammo is useful. Sometimes the Firefly will turn up in games with only three darts because that’s all we could find in the ten minutes between runs.