NERF Deploy – review

NERF Deploy

The two states of the Deploy.

The NERF N-Strike CS-6 ‘Deploy’ is a decent blaster with a completely pointless extend-o-function, apparently called “stealth mode”.

This gun is a single-shot pump-action job with a modular barrel (for barrel extensions etc) and N-clip magazine. As N-Strike blasters go, it’s reliable enough – reasonable range, if a bit bulky, and hardly ever jams. There’s a built-in torch, but as usual you’d be better off with your own torch and some duct tape.

“Stealth mode” means that the gun starts out as a sort of strangely-shaped yellow and grey object with a handle on the top and a big orange button. (Some people call this “torch mode”, which I guess is no more inaccurate than “stealth mode”). In this mode, the Deploy still looks a bit like a gun, but mostly it just doesn’t really look like anything.

What happens when you press the button

The stock extends backwards, a grip and trigger swing down from the bottom of the gun, and the torch bit, with the magazine sticking out of it, rotates ninety degrees to the left so that the orange breech hatch is accessible. At this point it becomes possible to actually fire the gun. This extend-o-matic trick would be super-cool IF a Deploy in “stealth mode” was

a) a lot smaller than a Deploy in gun mode;

2) capable of being fired somehow, even if with greater difficulty; and

d) not incredibly obviously a NERF gun anyway.

A blaster that transforms isn’t a bad idea but it needs to transform from something other than a blocky yellow and grey mass, because that’s what all NERF guns are already. And it still has the word ‘NERF’ on the side. What kind of stealth technology is that? Does the Lockheed F-117 NightHawk stealth bomber say “Lockheed F-117 NightHawk stealth bomber” on the side? Does it heck. (Actually it probably does; no-one would notice anyway because it’s so high up. NO DON’T GOOGLE IT)

NERF Deploy suggestion

Here's my alternative idea. If it changed THIS much, there'd be some point to it.

The other daft thing is that the stock of the Deploy takes up a lot of space and doesn’t even have a slot for a spare magazine. If you tried to correct this oversight by putting a 36-dart Raider drum in the Deploy, the momentum of the drum swinging to the left when the gun transforms would probably cause all but the most heavily-built NERF warriors to topple over sideways.

In summary

The gun itself is fine, and is usually sold quite cheap for a rifle-type blaster. But stealth mode is pretty much a gimmick.

“Don’t worry, that guy’s unarmed, he’s just got a funny-shaped yellow briefcase.” [SPRUNG!] “Oh no, now he’s got a NERF gun!!!” …not a likely scenario.