NERF Dart Tag – review

Oddly named and oddly designed, the Dart Tag is a curiosity – an unattractive, unreliable gun from NERF.

The closest real-world analogy is the submachine gun, as they are both small two-handed weapons, but the similarities end there. Ten darts are loaded into rotating firing chambers on the front of the gun, which is cocked between shots. A decent rate of fire and a good ammunition capacity are the main good points of the gun.

However, it jams, because it’s picky about what kind of darts it wants to fire. Sometimes the firing chambers will fail for no reason. Thanks to the unusual design there’s no comfortable way to operate it. It’s not awful, but it’s just not much fun either.

While the Dart Tag is a useful tool to find on a run, we wouldn’t recommend building a strategy around it.

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