Melee weapons

If a gun doesn’t tickle your fancy – or you’ve run out of ammo – you can use a melee weapon for Zombie LARP. We have a selection of weapons for general use, and it’s common for players to bring along their own and donate them for general use during the day. Weapons are mostly foam and latex rubber wrapped around carbon-fibre cores for stability. We split them into a few types for ease of reference.

Large melee weapon

This catch-all category covers such items as crowbars, sledgehammers, baseball bats and chainsaws. Generally, these items require two hands to use and are longer than small melee weapons – giving you the opportunity to outreach the zombies when trying to defend a corridor. They are also long enough to pin zombies safely against the walls and floor.

Making a mun-un-un-un-nuh-nuh-NYERRRRRRRR sound when using a chainsaw is not required but thoroughly encouraged.

Small melee weapon

In this category are shorters weapons such as kitchen knives, machetes, and nightsticks. They are very useful for fending off the undead but lack enough heft to properly drive them back, so those wielding them are best advised to bring a gun or other actual weapon.

Always be careful not to accidentally punch someone when you’re using small melee weapons. Or deliberately punch them.

The Fire Axe

Bright red salvation to hundreds, the fire axe is the iconic Zombie weapon. We’ve used it for years as a plot item – what with it being bright red and pretty handy for cutting the legs of zombies, it’s always made a pretty good escape objective. But despite being our most popular and iconic weapon, it actually belongs to one of our players (thanks for letting us build a mythology around it, Wesker) and now that we run games in different cities, he can’t always make it along. We have a replacement sledge-axe in the wings, but it’s just not the same.