MedicMEDICS have a limited ability to heal other characters. They’re an optional character class – part of a set which also includes the Survivor, Security Guard, Test Subject and Believer.

Special rules

Medics are the only characters who can healĀ other players.

(In practice, there’s nothing to stop other characters applying health strips themselves – especially if the team’s Medics are dead or absent or busy.)

The other special rule is that when the noun is used in the singular, is has an exclamation mark on the end. The plural is spelled Medics as normal, but the singular is spelled Medic! instead.


Medics enter the infected zone armed with a pistol, or some other type of small gun, or a small melee weapon. Medics also carry a “medkit” made up of several health strips. The prop used for health strips depends on what’s available – most of the time it’s sticker or strip of distinctively-coloured tape, and you just slap it on someone’s arm to represent the healing effect. The number of health strips which Medics get varies, but it will not be very many. Each patch represents a “full heal”; think of it like an adrenaline shot. It doesn’t actually fix your wounds, but it’ll keep you running.

Medics may have other props which have the same game function as healing patches. A few ideas are in development – possible future healing items include anti-zombification tablets, syringes of adrenaline, and a defibrillator which can bring back recently-dead humans OR zap zombies.


If you’re lucky, your team’s Medic! will be a world-class EMT, or a veteran army field surgeon who can perform a heart-bypass in a thunderstorm without batting an eyelid. But you’re not gonna be lucky, because this is Zombie LARP. Your Medic! is probably a a nursing school dropout, a disbarred veterinarian, or just someone who grabbed the first-aid kit from the bathroom cupboard when all the trouble started. Medics have shown up at Zombie LARP events in a number of guises:

  • Doctor, out on call, complete with hat, coat, medical bag, stethoscope, and thick German accent
  • Medical scientist who loved it when people got injured because she got to cut them open and have a look at the inside
  • Selfish bastard who wouldn’t give the healing patches to anyone else unless he was paid in cash

P.S. You don’t really have to do the exclamation mark thing.

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