Lanard X-Stream Shotgun – review

Lanard X-stream Shotgun

Bad, bad gun.

This is one of the worst guns in the world. It holds 12 shots, which you’d think would make it pretty decent, but for some reason it fires three of them at a time. In theory. If they all fire together. Which they won’t with any regularity.

It has an approximate range of four feet, darts fall out of it if you hold it by your side, and to be frank it’s more use as an ornament than it is as a weapon.

Lanard X-stream Shotgun - face view

Kinda bad-ass looking, though.

However, we have discovered, it is possible to mod it so that it fires cigarette filters. Grant used an inordinate amount of hazard tape and the inside of a Biro to make it work, one horribly bored day. At that point we found it fires more than 50 feet, because it’s actually got some pretty powerful mechanics behind the ugly, bizarre design. Sadly, we can’t use it for the game any more, which means we won’t get to see a player’s face fall mid-run when they realise quite how god-awful it is.

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