Jolly Goddamn Flexmas

Don't let the Nightmares get you...

Jolly Goddamn Flexmas, everyone! Thanks to all of you who made it to the event yesterday, and to those of you who didn’t, you missed an absolute blinder.

Who could forget the furious onslaught of Father Flexmas, and his attendant army of White Knights and festive Nightmare Elves? Probably no-one, even if they tried really hard, or underwent special mindwiping technology. Seeing Ben in that outfit scared me, and I made the bloody thing.

You guys brought along a vicious team of morris dancers, an undead Father Christmas with a zombie in a sack, an incredibly enthusiastic Scout troupe, a pair of plumbers armed with pipes, an entire team of grey-faced undead elves, the CEO of rival corporation Organiflex, and more – and even brought along some Bioflex-themed carols so we could all get into the festive spirit. Thank you. We don’t think we can possibly thank you all enough.

As ever, we had a lot of good deaths – not nearly enough this time, though, the Flexmas spirit is clearly making us too forgiving – and some valiant survivors. As our objectives got less straightforward and more ridiculous, though, the deaths racked up and the survivors were fewer and fewer. Which is always nice. In fact, only one person made it out of the final run, after Tarnia grabbed Ben and genuinely shoved silver tinsel in his mouth screaming “EAT IT FLEXMAS” over and over.*

Thanks to everyone for coming along and kicking zombie arse. We’ve already heard some of your epic tales on the day, and on Facebook – but we’d love to hear more about what happened when we weren’t watching. Leave us a comment, or a link if you’re writing the event up elsewhere. And we can’t wait to see the photos and videos people took – do send us links if you’ve uploaded anything, and we’ll joyously pass it around.

Right now we’re not sure when our next event is going to be – we’re looking into some stuff that doesn’t feature Zombies for once, like Heists or city-wide Occult Spy Games or Pervasive Horror Investigations or, you know, whatever. Rest assured, though, that the bubbling cauldron of WK-23 virus that we drink to give us ideas is far from empty, and we sincerely hope the undead will face your NERF-based wrath in Friar’s Walk mall once more next year.

Stay tuned on Facebook and check back on this blog for occasional updates (and all the pictures and video from yesterday, too), and until we meet again, we hope you have a danger-free Flexmas full of non-specific good fortune and engage in the traditional Flexmas pursuits of surprising others, ingesting vast amounts of flesh, and not suing Bioflex.

* Zombie kill of the week? Zombie kill of the year more like