How to make fake blood

This is the delicious recipe we use for fake blood at Zombie LARP. It’s entirely edible, doesn’t stain badly, washes off floors and walls very easily, and tastes rather good.

Fake Blood Suitable For Glomming Over People’s Faces But Not Diabetics That Would Be Bad

Mix equal parts golden syrup and black treacle in a heatproof container. Note that it is almost impossible to mix anything with black treacle, which is part of the fun.

Add just off-the-boil water once they are roughly blended – not much at all, about 1/16 as much water as there is gloopy mixture. If you want blood to gloop out when you are injured, put in slightly more – if you want old, dried and clotted blood put in slightly less.

Add in a generous splash of red food colouring and few drops of blue. The blue is vital for giving the blood an arterial verisimilitude along with the darkness of the black treacle, otherwise it looks like strawberry syrup.

Note that at this point it may look like strawberry syrup. Add black treacle and blue food colouring until you hit the purpley, browny red of slightly aged blood. If too thick, add more water; if too thin, add more sticky. Either that or eat it and start again.*

When cool (which shouldn’t take too long) put it in a bottle (we find washing up liquid bottles are best for their squeezy nature and resealable nozzles) and proceed to glom it all over your face/chest/legs/whatever does it for you.

* DO NOT EAT IT AND START AGAIN. We once gave James Moran a tequila bottle full of our blood and he was awake for around a fortnight.