Hollywood is Dead

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if every movie was a zombie movie, this guy has the answer. Matt Busch – who worked on comic book covers for Night of the Living Dead, among other things – has been remaking famous Hollywood movie posters as zombie titles.

The series, Hollywood is Dead, includes Disney posters, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and Star Wars films, as well as some old-school classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s – and these, my personal favourites.

Cadavatar - Matt Busch, Hollywood is Dead

Mostly for the name, to be honest.

Shawshank Reanimation - Matt Busch, Hollywood is Dead

Morgan Freeman would make a delightfully solemn zombie.













The original art is on display at the ArtInsights gallery in Virginia, but you can pick up posters from his site.

We’d like to see him take on Pulp Fiction, Scarface and Alien – what would your favourite zombie remake be?