Cultist drawing

We can't find any of the photos from Cult. So here's a drawing of a cultist

Cult was a Zombie LARP event that took place at UEA Congregation Hall on 12th April 2008. 

In Cult, we decided that we’d play invincible god-characters complete with their own following of madmen, thieves and murders. Regretfully, some players had to be involved too, or there would have been no-one to kill.

Cult marked the high point of our “over-planning” period, and each team not only had their own mission but their own props, plot items and literature. Quite often we’d need so many NPCs that the players ended up outnumbering the zombies, which is about as scary as it sounds.

Missions involved players secretly recording an evil ritual (where they knocked out guards and stole their costumes), assassinating the cult leader, and generally scrubbing about the Bioflex HQ making a nuisance of themselves. Occasionally the GMs would turn up wearing long coats and shout whilst hitting everyone with big hammers. It was daft.

We had some great moments, and some dodgy ones – the magic system, for example, was so bad we don’t even talk about it now – but we’d learned the hard way that trying to orchestrate the perfect horror experience for the players felt really forced and was almost impossible.

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