Core rules

Zombie is light on rules so you don’t have to remember little details as you’re running down a corridor with one bullet left in your revolver and ten hideous undead on your tail.┬áSome rules are so fundamental to every game that they very rarely change. Here are our most important rules:

Rule 0

Don’t be a dick. Don’t do things that might annoy, upset or inconvenience other people. If you’re not sure whether something you’re about to do qualifies as being a dick, don’t do it.

Rule 1

We don’t intentionally attack people. We are trying as hard as we can to make sure that none of you are injured. As such, it’s not our fault if you hurt yourselves or if genuine accidents happen. Signing up to play the game comes with an agreement that you will not sue us, or the people letting us use their premises, for any accidents that happen while taking part in the game or sitting out a session in a safe room.

Rule 2

Please, please, do not break anything. All our kit is owned by individuals or by the game, and is not always easy to replace. If you do break anything, we’d appreciate a contribution towards a new one – or at least, fess up so we know what we’ve lost and we can compensate whoever owns it if it’s not our kit.

Rule 3

When you sign up to play the game, you agree that you will follow the safety rules at all times. We are very serious about safety (though not really about anything else), and we operate a strike system for people that break the rules.

Rule 4

We do not believe what we’re doing is real, and neither should you. We can’t cast magic spells. We can’t summon demons. We can’t raise the dead, and we don’t kill people. We don’t condone that sort of behaviour, and if you at any point find yourself suddenly believing otherwise, then we advise you not to attend. A lot of our background and in-game colour is based on Catholic Christian religious practices – liberally fictionalised – and a lot more of it is based on generic occultism. We don’t mean to offend by using these source materials, but if you think you might have any issues with what we do, talk to us about it before you sign up.

Rule 5

Over 18s only. This is a mature horror game tackling adult themes, and it can also be risky, so we can only include players over the age of 18. Yes, we know the NERF guns are really cool. Sorry. We’ll try and run something a little more child-friendly in the future.