Chaos promo

This is the in-character text ad Grant wrote for Chaos, our fifth event. Honestly, by this point we didn’t really need ads, but we put a lot of effort into creating fluff and story for the game, some of which we wanted to get in front of the players when they weren’t too preoccupied with killing zombies to notice. Originally posted over here, a very old Livejournal blog we used to use to co-ordinate events, which is now mostly full of nostalgia and mothballs.

Hello?  Hello?

It’s so cold.  I can’t find the others.  I think it took them.

I don’t know how long I’ve been in here.  My watch stopped working and I can’t find my phone.  There’s no light here.  No light at all.  Can’t tell when it’s daytime.  It feels like I’ve been in here for ever.

I managed to find a gun – why do they have guns in an abandoned building?  No-one’s come near here for months.  The police cleared the whole thing out.  It was in the newspaper, wasn’t it?  With the bodies.  Ritual murder and cults and stuff like that.  Lots of dead bodies.  I remember that.  Lots of dead bodies.  Maybe the cult hid the gun here for safe keeping.  When I found it, it had five bullets in.  Now it’s only got two.  I had to shoot at it, but it wouldn’t go away.  I ran instead.

I can’t even remember why I’m here.  Someone was lost.  I can’t find him, though.  It’s so cold.  I think I’m bleeding.

Everyone I’ve met so far has gone.  I had to kill one myself – I had to kill a man – when he cut himself on some rusty fencing and went berzerk and tried to hurt me.  There was blood everywhere.  I left the axe in the room.   I didn’t want it anymore.  I think he’s still following me.

I don’t know why I’m wearing this mask, and this cloak.  They feel safe.  They’re the only thing that hasn’t changed yet.  The mask has my name on it – I think that’s my name – no, that is my name – yes – and the cloak keeps the cold away.  Some of the time.

I think it’s out there.   I don’t know.  I miss them.  I wish I hadn’t killed him.  I wish he wasn’t so angry.

Oh Jesus.  Oh God oh God oh God no.  No.  Not now.  Stop it!  STOP IT!  I don’t want to.  No.  Please stop.  Please don’t.  Don’t make me.  I don’t want to.