Captain Wesker, signing off

On the Gamessoc froth thread after Zombie LARP: Better the Devil, Wesker wrote this in-character debrief and report on his run.

This may be the last transmission you receive, and I hope you pay attention.

I was a Security Guard at the Bioflex Facility, and until recently everything had been fine.  Sure, we had all heard the rumors about “accidents” at other Bioflex facilities, but chalked that one up to Chinese whispers.

We were wrong.

All the rumors are true, Bioflex is doing disturbing things.  The dead walk and hunger for the flesh of the living, and other, more dangerous creations have been let loose.

Today was a normal day, like any other.  Then the Alarms sounded.  Sure, we said, its a drill, lets just take a stroll outside.  Only the doors were locked.  There were 7 other employees from the complex there, and one of them got a call from security telling them the code was on one of the heavy weapons from the armory.  The problem was that there were “things” between us and the armory.

Some of the security guys passed spare sidearms around, and the rest grabbed poles, fire axes, knives from the kitchen unit, anything they could get there hands on.  The main lighting was out, and the complex seemed to be having problems with the backups, only a few emergency lights were still on.

We slowly crept through the complex, not seeing much of anything until one of the torches lit up a human face.  Many human faces.  They started this unearthly moan and attacked us.  We defended ourselves and fought a running retreat to the armory.  We got there and I found the weapon, one of the new Vulcan models, fully loaded and ready to go.  However nearly half our team was missing.  No time to morn the dead now, that will have to wait.

We fought back through the complex, keeping them at bay with the combined force of the melee weapons and a few carefully placed shots.  Suddenly, there were soldiers coming from up another corridor, they had one the guys we thought lost held at gun point.  We ran past, and he managed to escape and rejoin us.  On the way up the stairs, I took a major wound to the side and went down.

One of the guys grabbed me up and we struggled up to the top, only to find the soldiers waiting for us at gunpoint.  They told us to surrender the weapon.  My companion slowly lowered it to the ground, but then one of the “things” came up the stairs, distracting the soldiers.  Seeing my chance I threw my belt knife straight at him, impaling him between the eyes.  We grabbed the Vulcan and ran, only my companion took a shot in the back, I thought it was all over until one of the others grabbed me.  We struggled out, and were almost at the main doors when he got attacked from a side room, he dropped me and ran.  Seeing the incoming horde, I pulled out my pistol and prepared to end it cleanly.

I was about to pull the trigger when I saw a great light and someone speaking aloud.  It was a preacher, he was surrounded by a brilliant light and his words made the “things” recoil.  “Son” he said to me “The Lords work needs done, wont you help me?”.  “Yes Preacher”  I said.  He lead me out to the front where there where other Preachers and survivors from the complex.  They were all arming up from some sort of military vehicle, and told me to do the same.  I grabbed a Vulcan and as many belts of ammo as I could carry and prepared to go back into that hellhole.

The Preachers told us that this was an unclean abomination, and need to be sealed.  We were to cover them while they got an artifact and sealed the entire complex around them, destroying everything in it.  A suicide mission?  Well I’m already nearly an hour past when I prepared to die, so why not.

We went in, and mowed them down in droves, quickly ducking under cover when I had to reload.  We came to the room where the artifact was, and all was silent, the “things” were not moving.  One of the preachers snuck through them and grabbed it, when other “things” burst into the room.  When the preacher got close to them with the artifact, they stopped dead in their tracks.

We moved though the complex to the room where they were preparing the ritual to destroy them all.  The doors were barricaded, and the preachers started to chant.  All of a sudden all hell broke loose, the door burst asunder, and “things” came into the room.  I kept firing and firing and firing, but still there were more.  One by one all the others went down until it was just me and a preacher back to back against a wall.  I kept shooting, but sheer weight of numbers kept coming forward.  Then the preacher, in one last desperate act sent forth a shock-wave of force, stunning them all, and leaving this mortal coil in the same process.

Thats it, I was the last one.

Screw this noise, I thought.  I dont know any thing about this stuff, so I ran.  I fled the complex, chased and harried the whole way by a horde of immense size.

There out now, spreading death and destruction across the country.  Once I have everything I need, im  heading to my cabin in the woods, to wait out the next few years.

I suggest you get somewhere safe, barricade the doors and windows, and remember, keep that last bullet for yourself.

This is Wesker, last survivor of Bioflex Norwich, signing off.