Buzz Bee Tommy 20 – review

Tommy 20 collapse

This is how a lot of flirtations with the Tommy 20 end. Pic by Phil Monk

The Tommy 20 is a reasonably rare specimen among our guns as it’s single-action – it doesn’t have to be cocked or reloaded between shots. Once you factor in that it stores 20 rounds in a rotating drum magazine, it becomes a highly desirable weapon.

Which is why it’s a wonderful gun, because it’s terrible. It’s a curse. Sure, you have 20 rapid-fire shots but the battery-operated wheels that propel the darts need to be powered up whenever you want to fire it, making a loud whirring noise that sounds like a furious hairdryer and attracts the undead like little else. The firing mechanism gives it an impressively short range, so you’re looking at getting slightly closer to your targets than you’d like. You can fire those 20 shots as fast as you can pull the trigger, but if you panic and pull too fast it’ll jam, leaving you standing too close to the zombies holding a large lump of plastic that makes noise.

It’s a double-edged sword – with great power comes a great likelihood of death. We love the sense of terror, of stolen glory, as it jams and the user is trapped in a corner, mauled to death as they try to clear their gun. More than one player has gone down that way, cursing their weapon as they expired. Useful as they are, no one has ever escaped the complex holding one. Make of that what you will.