Buzz Bee Rapid Fire Rifle – review

Rapid Fire, by Antony White,

This man is doomed to a stylish, if frantic, death. Pic by Antony White

Just like them Old West shootin’ irons, the Rapid Fire rifle is magazine-fed and gloriously lever-action, allowing for a decent rate of fire. But you’re not in it for the rate of fire – you’re gritting your teeth and firing slowly as you advance, spent shells ejecting from the gun and clattering along the ground behind you. And we do mean firing slowly, because it’s prone to jam if you try to do it too fast or while holding it at the wrong angle.

The Rapid Fire can also be breach-loaded, if you don’t mind losing one of your fingers in the process, and boasts a respectable range when used correctly (that is, slowly and at a very precise angle).