Buzz Bee Double Shot review

Double Shot, painted, with maniac

Legally, you have to make this face at all times if you paint your Double Shot.

Along with the Rapid Fire Rifle, the Double Shot is a perfect illustration of how Buzz Bee guns differ from NERF ones. It’s a double-barrelled shotgun (we used to have a couple sawn off for ease of transportation, if not use) with a proper break-action loading mechanism and bright red shells that spring out of the gun after they’ve been fired.

It feels good to fire – it’s chunky and makes satisfying whirring and clunking noises as you cock it. You can fire one or two shots at a time, and the effect of shells scattering on the floor as you unload it is hard to beat.

But the quintessentially Buzz Bee part of it is that if you don’t handle it well, it’s awful. You can half-cock it so only one barrel fires, the shells can jam in the breach and stop it closing, and the amount of strength needed to operate the string and pulley mechanism puts some players off touching it altogether – it can feel like you’re breaking it when in reality you’re still not pushing hard enough.

Sadly, it also tends to break randomly and arbitrarily, often after only a couple of serious game uses. We’re not sure whether that’s because it’s naturally unreliable, or whether it’s just not designed for the sort of use we’re putting it through, or both, but we’ve gone through a lot of them. Like, double figures. Every one is mourned like the passing of a loved one.

It’s a gamble of a gun to pick up – and even more of a gamble to reload – but it lets you carry around a sawn-off shotgun and yell This is my BOOMSTICK! and, at the end of the day, that’s what’s really important.