Black Knight

Black Knight

Not very helpful in this case.

The Black Knight is a man-shaped vortex of hungry telepathic doom. It has the ability to control zombies and sometimes living humans, and probably can’t be permanently destroyed with ordinary matter or energy from this universe. Shooting it and hitting it very hard is, at best, a stop-gap solution.

Bioflex imported the sleeping Black Knight from Kansas just prior to the events of Zombie VII: Payday. The creature somehow got out of its crate and stalked around the Research Complex, drinking spiritual energy for sustenance and generally causing negative vibes. It may have “died” when Team Damocles poisoned all the zombies, or it may have been blown up or irradiated to bits along with the rest of the Research Complex. It has not reappeared since Payday.


A roughly humanoid figure in a ragged black cloak and hood. No-one has ever gotten close enough in sufficiently well-lit conditions to say what the Black Knight looks like under its cloaks.The cloaks and rags may not even be normal materials – just a just a psychic null-weave with a very high thread-count,or an fragmenting layer of non-luminiferous aether.

Black Knight art

Sketch by ex-OTF inmate at Green Meadows Psychiatic Hospital.


The Black Knight can talk, but no-one can understand it. It’s rumoured to be able to walk through walls, extinguish flames by looking at them, and dissemble itself into a swarm of huge jet-black moths – although no-one has ever seen any of these things happen and they do seem a bit unlikely.

The Knight has the power to command zombies – including issuing cryptic mystical commands which have peculiar effects. Specific rules will not be reproduced here because they were never meant for mortals to know.

Playing as the Black Knight

You can’t. No-one knows what happened to the Black Knight and even the Zombie LARP refs are unsure whether it will ever return.